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PT Utilities is an Australian embedded network operator and utility provider.

Our purpose is to deliver utilities to consumers efficiently, competitively and with minimal environmental impact. Our energy is 100% carbon offset and we also manage all metering, billing, payments and customer service.

Embedded Networks

An embedded network is a local distribution network that is connected to the wider utility networks beyond the property boundary, through a single gate meter - and where possible, to local generation. It combines the infrastructure to enable the network operator to buy and deliver utilities such as electricity for the benefit of the building occupants, whose consumption is metered through sub meters known as ‘child meters’ and is billed accordingly.

Market price comparison

We are 100% carbon offset & have compared the available pricing for the major providers to illustrate the benefits of the PT Utilities embedded network.


When you share what you do, everyone benefits - socially, economically and environmentally

InnovationAlways looking for better ways to do what we do

AdaptabilityWe aim to be agile and fit with the needs of our customers

EqualityWe treat everyone fairly and with respect

ConsistencyTo provide consistent service to our customers

ProactivityWe look ahead to anticipate change


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